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Teardown: Super NES (PAL) Controller SNSP-005

Disassembled SNES controller

Some days ago, I took apart my SNES gamepad to connect it to an Arduino. And I was astonished by the fact how simple the electronics inside are. OK, I have to mention that those controllers were manufactured since 1990… Basically, the gamepad consists only of 12 buttons, 2 resistors, 1 capacitor and 1 IC. […]

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SNESpaduino – Super Nintendo Gamepad for Arduino

SNES gamepad connected to an Arduino

The SNESpaduino library enables You to hook up Your old SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) Gamepad as an input device to you Arduino. Basically, the library does these 3 tasks: Easy interfacing – You just need to connect 3 Pins (Latch, Clock, Data) Read the buttons’ states – A function reads from the controller, which […]

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