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Tutorials for the Raspberry Pi including Hacks, Mods and beginner’s guides

Use Your Raspberry Pi as WiFi Bridge or AP

Use Your Raspberry Pi as an WiFi AccessPoint or Bridge, with just 10 minutes of work. Here is exactly how it works: Usage: Bridge or AccessPoint? The main task is to run a WLAN station, so that clients (notebooks, smartphones…) can connect to it and use the existing cable network. To achieve this, We have […]

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Transistor: Simple Switch with Raspberry Pi GPIO

Today, I’ll show you a small tutorial on how you can use a Raspberry Pi, a transistor and some wire to replace a PC’s on/off button. This way, it could be possible to start devices over a network, although they aren’t wake-on-lan capable. In general, this method can be used everywhere a circuit is to […]

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Raspberry Pi: Blinking LED in 5 Simple Steps

Today, we’re going to build the cheapest Raspberry Pi project possible. It just involves 1 LED, but for many (including myself), it can be very fascinating to make the LED blink. This project is ideal as a first project, as it is very easy to plan and do. Everything you need is an LED. If […]

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