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Because of tracking-tools, visiting this website will store cookies for

These cookies are set by and Quantcast Inc.
Each page is tracked by Google Analytics as well as WordPress Stats (JetPack Plugin). To prevent those concerns from collecting your data, scroll down to “Advice”.

Also, my hoster stores the visitor’s IP address in serverlogs (not public). Sorry, I can’t change that.
Of course, I won’t give any data to any third party.


I recommend you to use any sort of anti-tracking plugin. I use the Plug-In DoNotTrackMe myself, which prevents third parties such as Google, Quantcast and others from being able to collect your data.

Google also has an opt-out plugin to prevent ga.js from running in your browser:
Google Analytics ga.js Opt-Out
And QuantCast also has an opt-out utility:
QuantCast opt-out
(DoNotTrackMe does the same job, including other concerns)

If you’re annoyed by ads (just like me): I use AdBlock Plus to block ads.

Achtung: Wordpress interpretiert bestimmte Zeichenfolgen als Markup und verändert diese. Nutzt für Programmcode lieber Gist oder PasteBin-Services und verlinkt die Code-Schnipsel.

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