Security details

The Blog ( is available via HTTPS, however, this certificate isn’t signed by any CA. It’s self-signed by my host for the server, so every good browser will show a warning when attempting to connect over SSL:

Warning in a browser

Security warning in Firefox

If you decide to trust GeoTrust, Inc. as well as my provider (, you can add an exception for this certificate on your browser, so the warning won’t pop up every time you visit via HTTPS.
Generally, you shouldn’t blindly trust all certificates that cause a warning in your browser.

When using hyperlinks, please watch out whether they reference an HTTPS-Site or normal HTTP!
Any questions left? Feel free to contact me.

Achtung: Wordpress interpretiert bestimmte Zeichenfolgen als Markup und verändert diese. Nutzt für Programmcode lieber Gist oder PasteBin-Services und verlinkt die Code-Schnipsel.

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